Earning money by investing in exclusive cars


Firstgear Cars sees a future in the investment in exclusive cars. The company in Almelo, which is now well known as a supplier of new and young used luxury cars, with its new activity called “Investment Cars”, creates the possibility for car enthusiasts to combine their passion for cars with a financial benefit.

During recent decades special cars have increased substantially in value. If you compare the highest auction results from 2000 with those of 2013, you see that some cars have increased by between five and ten times in value. The number of cars that are auctioned for more than a million dollars increases every year.

Records for special and rare cars are continuously broken. No less than 38 million dollars was paid in 2013 for a rare Ferrari 250 GTO from 1963. In February of this year at an auction in Paris a Porsche 911 Speedster from 1989 was sold for more than 3 hundred thousand euros. As comparison: An ordinary Porsche 911 Cabriolet from that year can be purchased for € 40,000.00.

Vincent van der Vinne, writer of the book ‘The car as investment’ sees growth opportunities for sporty, exclusive cars. The emergence of new economies, for instance in China and India, ensures that there is an increasing number of affluent people. Until recently there were no Western makes of car sold in those countries. The interest in cars as an investment is also increasing in Central-Europe and Russia.

Through its broad knowledge about the market of exclusive cars Firstgear Cars can provide professional advice about the acquisition of a car as an investment. Just as a private banker advises about the transfer of capital.

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